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For important information on team formation for the 2020-2021 season please visit the Team Formation page.

Registration is now open! No registration fee if completed by the deadlines posted on the Team Formation page.

May 24, 2020 Update

This week we entered new territory for youth soccer; both the Twin Cities Soccer Leagues (TCSL) and Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) canceled their summer league offerings and events, and the National Sports Center (NSC) canceled all tournaments, including the USA Cup.

However, starting June 1, ESC will be providing optional, registration-based, social distance-compliant, small-group training at various locations in Edina for ESC players. Registration details will be released on Thursday May 28.

An overview of ESC’s approach to soccer from online to in-person to competition is shown in more detail above.

Since the team placement process was completed at the end of July 2019, our players have been working tremendously hard and for them to not have the opportunity to compete this summer is hard to accept. The loss of the summer season is felt by all: players, families, coaches, referees, and club leaders. We will miss the opportunity to see the players showcase their development and the joy that comes with playing the game they love and competing alongside their teammates and friends.

Now more than ever, a reminder and a review of the importance of youth sports is critical. Youth sports play a significant role in society at large. As a strong proponent of multisport players and activities, ESC believes that sports are vehicles for life’s lessons. Sports serve a vital role for our youth in many areas, which are not limited to lifelong physical fitness, mental health benefits, dealing with adversity and failure, working as a team, developing leaders, and learning how to communicate.

ESC has embraced change head on and is excited for the future as we re-think the soccer environment in Edina. We are so proud of our team coaches and club staff who have shown great flexibility and creativity in serving their teams in a virtual environment since we hit pause on March 13. We thank our team managers, who put in so much time building a community and a schedule that was custom for their team, only to have to slowly dismantle that schedule as the events have been canceled. For our seniors who would have played their last season this summer, we are thankful for your commitment and dedication to ESC for so many years, and the memories you made with us. We will be taking time to honor these seniors in June. Best of luck in finals week!ESC will continue our online programming and LIVE technical workouts and tactical discussion groups as we head towards the addition of small-group training starting June 1, 2020.

Until then, stay playful – stay hopeful!

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Uniforms & Spiritwear

Use link below to get to Uniforms & Spiritwear page. 

Uniform pieces can be ordered anytime.

June 24, 2020 Update

Please see the Summer 2020 page for details about our July in-person training on the field: our Block Two programming July 6-23, where we return to a "Normal" team training environment. We also offer an alternative socially distanced soccer training environment (set up much like Block One) for families who choose it.

We encourage you to  read the Guidance for Social Distancing in Youth Sports from the Minnesota Dept. of Health, and this FAQ to go along with it. There is  additional June 19, 2020 COVID-19 Sports Guidance for Youth and Adults document noting the changes that start to begin June 24, 2020.

You can also read the TCSL and MYSA Return to Play documents, both updated as of June 22, 2020.

Even more! Here's a great timeline of return to play for youth sports from the MN Dept of Health and MSHSL: specifically about a gradual return to play between clubs/communities beginning in late July 2020.

Weather Protocol for Block 2

Normal soccer season weather procedures are in place - assume training is ON, unless a message is posted on the ESC Home Page by 3pm daily. Team Managers will also be asked to notify their team if fields are closed prior to 3pm.

If an early session gets canceled due to storms - we may still be able to have a later session if the storm passes. Be alert to messages via your team communication app during the sessions if weather is questionable.

30 minute wait per standard weather procedure for lightning. 

Should there be severe weather during an evening session, we will handle per the protocol below:

Highlands - if possible dismiss directly to family vehicles, remaining players will be escorted to the Highlands Park Building.

Pamela Turf/North Grass - if possible dismiss directly to family vehicles, remaining players will be escorted to the Pamela Park Building (North).

Coaches will use their team communication app to alert their team families of weather related cancellations that occur at the field and the pick-up point.


See the Referee page for more information




ESC Implements Zero Tolerance Policy on Referee Abuse

This policy has been developed to address the growing (and unfortunate) trend of referee abuse in youth sports, in general, and youth soccer, in particular.  Our policy, as set forth in the document below, is simple: Any physical or verbal abuse of referees is as unacceptable as physical or verbal abuse of players.  It is never acceptable for spectators to criticize referees, verbally or otherwise, at an ESC event.

See the link below to view the new policy in it's entirety.

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