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Players who wish to be added to the ESC waitlist (U11-U19, 2004-2012) should click the button above to be added to the waitlist. We will contact you if an appropriate roster spot is available and will assess the player at that time.

Players born in 2013-2015: we will have tryouts for spring/summer 2023 in January: watch our website for more information in later 2022.

2021-2022 ESC Uniforms

Ordering is open year-round! - see our Uniforms page for pictures, the link to order and sizing info.

Fall Apparel Sale closes August 14th

Goalkeeper Training

Learn more about ESC's Goalkeeper Training program on our Goalkeeper page - click HERE!

Weather Protocol for Spring/Summer

Normal soccer season weather procedures are in place - assume training is ON, unless a message is posted on the ESC Home Page by 3pm daily. 

If an early session gets canceled due to storms - we may still be able to have a later session if the storm passes. Be alert to messages via email and text message.

30 minute wait per standard weather procedure for lightning. 




ESC Implements Zero Tolerance Policy on Referee Abuse

This policy has been developed to address the growing (and unfortunate) trend of referee abuse in youth sports, in general, and youth soccer, in particular.  Our policy, as set forth in the document below, is simple: Any physical or verbal abuse of referees is as unacceptable as physical or verbal abuse of players.  It is never acceptable for spectators to criticize referees, verbally or otherwise, at an ESC event.

See the link below to view the new policy in it's entirety.

Creating a SportsEngine account

Click here to create a SportsEngine account for the Edina Soccer Club website

• PLEASE NOTE: When you create an account on the website, if the system gives you a message that says your email address already exists, that means you already have a NGIN account through another organization's website. Please enter your username and password, or click the links provided if you forgot one or both. Once logged in, you will automatically be placed in the Edina Soccer Club Member Directory on the website.