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ESC Field Status

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ESC Implements Zero Tolerance Policy on Referee Abuse

This policy has been developed to address the growing (and unfortunate) trend of referee abuse in youth sports, in general, and youth soccer, in particular.  Our policy, as set forth in the document below, is simple: Any physical or verbal abuse of referees is as unacceptable as physical or verbal abuse of players.  It is never acceptable for spectators to criticize referees, verbally or otherwise, at an ESC event.

See the link below to view the new policy in it's entirety.

Birth Year & Small-Sided Changes

As you may have heard, USSF and US Youth Soccer are requiring ESC to make certain changes to the way ESC Groups its players for team formation purposes and the format for small-sided games played by our U12 and younger age groups. All clubs in Minnesota and throughout the U.S. are subject to this mandate starting in Fall 2016 season.

See the document link below with info that was previously sent to our membership regarding these changes.

New Players

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ESC Club Information Link

    Weather Guidelines

    All scheduled games will be played rain or shine, unless lightning is spotted in the game area. All players are directed to show up to all scheduled games, even if the weather looks daunting. The decision to play or not play will be made at the field by the Referee.

    If the City of Edina closes fields in the event of over-saturated conditions, the club will notify Coaches and Managers by 3 or 4pm in the afternoon via email. A notice will also be posted on the website home page if timing and access allow. If you have not heard from your coach or manager, please plan on showing up to play. NOTE: fields may be closed on a case by case basis. i.e. Creek Valley fields may be closed for the day, but Lewis fields may be playable. Don't assume that all fields are closed unless you hear that is the case.

    MYSA Warm Weather Guidelines

    Per the MYSA website, the following are recommended when there is a possibility of dangerous high heat index:

    Heat Index                          Recommendations
    Up to 89 degrees            Normal Play

    90-99 degrees                Mandatory 2-minute water breaks per half with running time. Each half shortened by 5 min.

    100-105 degrees            Mandatory 2-minute water breaks per half with running time. Each half shorted by 10 min.

    Over 105 degrees           Suspend Play

    Coaches should discuss the heat index with the referees prior to game being played, so that any adjustments can be made to play time.

    Creating a website account

    Click here to create an account for the Edina Soccer Club website

    • PLEASE NOTE: When you create an account on the website, if the system gives you a message that says your email address already exists, that means you already have a NGIN account through another organization's website. Please enter your username and password, or click the links provided if you forgot one or both. Once logged in, you will automatically be placed in the Edina Soccer Club Member Directory on the website.